Its all good …. not

June 29, 2006 at 4:34 am (Games)

Everyone may think that I promote the games a lot, and yes thats true. Everyone thinks I defend them a lot, and yes thats true too. But is it always like this… No! thats not true. I defend and promote when they deserve it and don’t promote or defend those who don’t deserve it.
Games confine you to few moves and limited environments. GTA became controversial game as it had no boundaries to those rules, you could harm or just run over innocent citizens and roam just about anywhere… the basic intent was giving fun to gamer.. i promoite it .. i defend it!! Game like Postal lets you enjoy through kicking be-headed policemen with a spade and peeing in public and letting your pee on fire?? .. i don’t think thats fun.. i don’t promote or defend it.
My moto is “Speak like a scientist, not a lawyer”. A scientist talks about pros and cons of the product or invention, while lawyers only know to support their client wether wrong or right. One of those things that I am against in gaming came forward a few days back too.

U.S. Senator Barack Obama gave a comment on games:
The bad news is you’re going to have to work harder,” Obama told the assembled students, criticizing youth culture as “watching TV, playing video games and avoiding tough classes in school.

All gaming sites and blogs went against him that everyone criticizes wrong things, violent teenage behavior etc on Video Games… Right now I am against all those Gaming sites. One should take games or TV or whatever as a source of entertainment, and not deviate from their real goals in life.. if you don’t work hard and play games.. I disgust you! if you work hard and get your payback in games.. welcome to MY WORLD i say!!.

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