Ex-Taliban Denied Admission in Yale University

July 12, 2006 at 2:11 pm (Media, Religious)

Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi is a former ambassador for Afghanistan’s Taliban regime. He been studying at Yale in a special program that does not award degrees. Supporters said the school was promoting understanding across cultures. But critics were aghast that Yale would open its gates to the 27-year-old who once represented a repressive regime that harbored al Qaeda.
Students under this program are eliible to apply for Eli Whitney program, which allows them to obtain an undergraduate degree. Hashemi was denied admission into this program.

The debate over whether Hashemi should have been admitted to Yale in the first place played out on editorial pages and Web logs and in letters to the editor of the Yale Alumni Magazine.

“This was a major victory,” said Clint Taylor, a 1996 Yale graduate whose Web log originated the nail campaign. “I think Yale made the right decision.”

Fahad Khan, an incoming Yale senior who knows Hashemi, said he was unaware of the decision but said it was a shame if he was not admitted. He said having Hashemi at Yale is important “at a time when bridges need to be built.”

“If true, it is clearly because of the controversy,” Khan said in an e-mail. “His academic performance, which was supposed to be the only determinant, has been better than most students at Yale.”

Details in CNN Story


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