PS3’s Eye Toy

July 18, 2006 at 11:19 pm (Console, Games, Hardware)

PS2’s eye toy was a great success although not much games utilized its potential, bu tthose that did were both different and enjoyable than the rest of similarity crap. PS3 is also bound to have some new High tech eye toy coming up. There are many possibilities of camera dependant games, if the hardware supports the camera properly form the very beginning (which was not the case for PS2, but is for PS3).

Sony issued a patent for this new eye toy. The patents says, in a nutshell, that a camera will recognize the movements and positioning of objects and then translate this in-game. The new technology enables a single 2D camera to analyze objects in full 3D by using a patented mapping technique. Previously, two cameras were needed to map objects into full 3D. More..


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