Open Office ADs on Microsoft bus routes

July 20, 2006 at 12:39 am (Uncategorized)

Sun has put up ADs on buses promoting their Open Office which is the biggest rival to Microsoft’s MS Office. Slogans include, ‘Stop giving a bully your lunch money,’ ‘Compatible with expensive, closed, memory-loving software,’, I wonder what they may be pointing to 😉
And more interestingly the AD is currently on those buses which go towards Microsoft campus in Redmond, just superb work by Sub Microsystems there.


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  1. Ulrika said,

    Yep, I see them all the time. I doubt they’ll get much traction, tho. Having just had a close brush with the output of the software that is alleged to be “compatible with expensive, closed, memory-loving software” I can report: not so much. Friend sent me a document generated in OpenOffice. First I had to download a whole new and different zip file manager to open the zip file, then I had to figure out that it squirreled the result away in a separate file that the zip software didn’t see, then I come to find that I still have to have a copy of OpenOffice to open the file. If you have a proprietary file format that can’t be read by anything MSoft produces, that isn’t what I call ‘compatible’.

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