Real world “Dare Devil”

July 20, 2006 at 1:46 am (Media, Science)

daredevil-65If you read Marvel comics then you will surly know of Dare Devil (played by Ben Afflick in the movie of the comic book). He is a unique hero as he is blind and uses echos to visualize the area around. Pretty outrageous some may have thought, but not so much when you read abou this kid.
Ben Underwood is a blind 14-year-old who apparently uses echolocation to “see.” Ben, sightless since the age of 3, makes loud clicking noises with his tongue and then listens for the echo. According to the article, he can not only detect distance but sometimes the material of an object based on how soft, dense, or sharp the echo is.

More on Ben Underwood @ People Profiles
More on EchoLocation @ Harvard Education Resource
More on Dare Devil @ SuperHeroeStuff


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