More Gaming Handhelds

July 21, 2006 at 2:08 am (Console)

PSP wasn’t as much a big success as it was hoped, Sony must be scratching their heads to find where they went wrong. While Nintendo DS which was termed a kiddy handheld was preferred by casual and hard cores alike. There were few other handheld consoles which again were a flop. So, considering it is a risky market, would others venture in it?

Both Microsoft and Apple do seem interested. Microsoft’s XBOX divison is working on a “Argo” project, and would actually cover an entire range of Xbox-branded devices, covering music, games and beyond – to be released this Christmas. A wireless MP3 player has also been implied, intermittently. The gaming prodcut will be termed as “Zune” No further information is available regarding it.

Apple on other hand recently gave contract to Nvidia for graphic chips for newer iPod. These maybe just new versions of video iPod, but rumors are that Nvidia came into the loop because now 3D graphic capabilities were to be implemented in iPod. Nothing official has been announced.


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