New Gadgets on the block

July 21, 2006 at 1:10 am (Hardware)

If you are a gadget geek then you would want this stuff:

  • gad ProjectorclockProjector Clock: Its a sphere if you place it on base, the base is inductively charged and shows time, else the internal projector in sphere can project time on any wall.
  • Orange Juice: A portable charger to charge portable devices. Motorola says the charger will juice up its own phones twice per charge, but it will work with almost any USB-charging gadget.
  • gad SmartDiskHardisk with LCD: This portable 60-gig hard drive lets you display a list of what’s inside on its LCD screen, which retains the image without using any power.
  • Pen Scanner: At 8.9 inches long and half an inch thick, this smallest-ever document scanner rips text and color graphics to its eight-megabyte memory and charges via USB.
  • gad voipmouseVoIP Mouse: This mouse is slim enough for Laptop use. Flip open this mouse, and it’s a VoIP handset. This one has to be my favorite, sleek design with useful feature.

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