IE7 vs Firefox 2

July 24, 2006 at 7:23 pm (Uncategorized)

Once it was netscape, and there was peace. Then came internet explorer and no one cared. Then internet explorer became one with windows, and then the struggle started. The old king was dead and now IE ruled the planet, there was once more peace. Then came the second coming of old mozilla engine as FireFox, and now the world existed with two kings… those who favored simplicity joined IE, those who favoured open source, power and community tools joined FireFox. And there was balance… not peace.

But whatever balance was there, the new versions of both browsers aim to disturb it. Firefox and IE both have released new betas featuring a peak into new generation of browsers with anti-phising, built-in RSS, downloads, security tools and much much more. So, who will be the winner. Currently IE seems a strong returner through standardization and integration with windows formats, but mozilla is supported by a strong coding community, whatever is in IE can be emulated in it in two days… There is a detailed analysis of all new features, and also of what hasn’t changed in these Browsers.

Read the comparison @ Computer Zen


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