Hezbollah proving their mettle

July 26, 2006 at 8:51 pm (News)

Israelis seem to be in more trouble than they thought they would be, as the rockets don’t stop firing at Israel. Their weaponry is far superior. Hezbollah is using similar olive green uniform of Israeli to confuse them further. Their tunnel networks for hiding and weapon cache have become a serious threat to ground troops. Some even compare it as Vietnam 2. Although exact loses may not be reaching media, but both sides are trying to hide casualties on their end while promoting what they have achieved. e.g. see the following claims:

Twenty Israeli soldiers have been killed and several tanks destroyed by Hezbollah, who has confirmed that 13 of its fighters have also been killed.
Israel says Hezbollahs losses are as high as 100.

Lebanon may have lost a lot of civilians, but Hezbollah till now seems well intact.

Read a report on Hezbollah’s mettle @ AlJazeera

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