Men Health tricks

July 27, 2006 at 6:59 am (Science, Weird)

JessicaSimpsonThese tricks have been put up on MSN’s Mens Health site and are based on authentic research and personal experiences. Some are very good, but others may feel weird but are all true. These tricks comprise of:

  • If throat itches, scratch ear to relive itch.
  • Use left ear for music, right for speech.
  • Thinking about Jessica Simpson can let you hold you Pee. (Yes!! I always knew she was destined to play an important role in men life)
  • Cough during injection for less pain.
  • A really weird method to clear stuffed nose.
  • How to sleep for better stomach functioning.
  • Cure toothache by rubbing ice on hand (hehe! it just keeps getting better and better)

Well there are more… 18 of them! Real interesting, crazy but proven and authentic stuff… its all about nerves of the body. e.g. your tooth nerves pass from the hand, thats why cooling those nerves may dumb your toothache ;). As far as Jessica Simpson is concerned, I think she is more than just a cure for nature calls..

Read the complete tricks @ Mens Health


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