All good domain names are taken

August 2, 2006 at 9:22 pm (Uncategorized)

I have been trying to register a domain name even before I started this blog; but with no hope.. its like all the domain names (leave aside the term “good domain names”) I couldn’t even find weird domain names to be free. Its like all dictionary / non-dictionary words have been registered. Then I saw this report by Mr. Forbes that confirms the same thing. It presents a real good analysis of what kind of domains (in short all) are already taken by the world.

All of the 1,000 most common English words have been snatched up. The word “a” appears more than any other, though most of the time, of course, it’s just a letter in a longer word. The least-used common word is “consonant,” Mr. Forbes says, which is in just 42 domains, including “,” which isn’t a misspelling but a word game.

Mr. Forbes checked the U.S. Census Bureau’s 1,219 most-common male names, the 2,841 most-common female names and the 10,000 most-common surnames; all were booked. Not only that, but when you link the top 300 first names with the top 300 last names, 89 percent of the resulting combinations are taken for male names and 84 percent for female ones.

Read the whole report @ Northwest Florida Daily


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