Motion sensing in gaming phone

August 3, 2006 at 6:04 am (Games, Hardware)

Wii’s remote control (Wii-mote) showed to the world that gamin can be done by motion sensing and then PS3 also announced that it was gonna implement some kind of motion sensing its its controller too. Although it would wouldn’t be as extensive as Wii for the simple fact that PS3 has a two hand controller and motion can be maximum of tilt and twist.

samsung gamin phoneWell now Samsung announces such twisting and turning sensation in their new mobile targeted specially specially for Korean public (where even 80 year old people are gamers). The SCH-B450 is a S-DMB phone with a 2.2 inch 180 degree swivelling display. The phone concentrates more on gaming than multimedia it has a 1 Million Polygon 3D processor for detailed and realistic graphics. If this was not enough for immersive gaming the phone incorporates vibration solution by ‘Vibe Tonz’ which makes sure you feel all the twists and turns. Other features include 2 MP Camera, Bluetooth, MP3 player, Mobile Printing, File viewer etc. The Samsung SCH-B450 will be available in Korea for 600,000 KRW = $630 = Rs.38,000. So, if you see someone swinging his mobile left and right standing on a walkway… don’t proclaim him mad, he is just trying to steer his car in the game.

More @ New Launches


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