Excel supercedes Databases

August 5, 2006 at 9:30 pm (PC)

Do you use MS Excel? And a simple answer by all would be “yes”. But people try to shun away from MS Access. Even if the data doesn’t require calculations etc. e.g. adresses, accounts, inventory etc. people still store them in Excel. A little effort in Access goes a long way as compared to excel. Excel was never meant for data storage or for critical/secure data. But maybe thats my point of view since I know how to make relational databases and a useful interface with little help from VB. But not all people know that and that is why nearly “Half the world business’ data is in Excel”.

Now here is an article that doesn’t aim to degrade databases but praise the ease of spreadsheets because of which people use Excel for anything. He criticizes the design of databases and how they must be redefined to make them more “rapid development” type. A very interesting idea, anyone from Microsoft/Oracle reading this?

Read “Document Centric” @ BitWorking


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