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August 5, 2006 at 12:57 pm (Uncategorized)

WidSets are “Widgets” for “Mobile Sets”. If you havn’t seen yahoo widgets then you should, and then you can get the same thing for your mobile set. Logicially you will need a smartphone with internet to run this thing. WidSets provide a framework for others to create simple software on it (most of which are just rss based just like yahoo widgets). As soon as you register you will be sms-ed on your phone and with the provided link you will download the appropriate client version on your set. After that you can browse online library and select and organize your widgets on your computer. After you are satisfied just click Synchronize button on the site… and widgets will be sent to your set. I am not sure I would use it in long run or not (cuz I prefer one decent RSS software to gather all the net crap)… but the whole process of doing this is so cool.

Visit @ WidSets



  1. HeGe said,

    and thanks for the nice words about WidSets! I’d love to hear your suggestions and/or ideas for making WidSets better, so I’d be very interested to know what it would take for having you using WidSets also in the long run!

  2. karar said,

    Didn’t have an idea that the WidSet maker would be browsing my blog :). Good to see you though and as far as some suggestions are concerned, Widsets should support:
    1. Easier java games programming
    2. Support for flash based games
    3. More applications to show its real use.
    4. All content usable offline too (for RSS this should work by caching feeds)
    5. One feature I would like in the ultimate mobile RSS reader is a desktop/online counterpart. e.g. I read RSS on mobile, mark/flag some intresting readings on mobile then I sync these mark-ups with dekstop/online version and browse them there.

    To make WidSets more “long run” type thing, it has too offer something which others don’t have. I just don’t want a flash interface to each individual rss but more usability, and WidSets can do that. Really hoping for the best of WidSets.

  3. Robert Muresan said,


    If you like mobile widgets, that are usable on any mobile device with a browser : 🙂

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