In end.. we are all humans

August 6, 2006 at 11:14 am (Politics, Religious)

Glasto Photo comp 817Thousands of Lebanese have reached across the sectarian and religious divide to help hundreds of thousands of mostly Shia refugees fleeing Israel bombardment in the south of the country. In one east Beirut district, refugees found sanctuary in a place that they would least expect to find it – a school in an area dominated by the Christian Lebanese Forces. The refugees are mostly Shia and many of them are supporters of Hezbollah, an Islamic political party that some Christians blame for starting the current war with Israel. But still its good to see that when a human needs help, its hard to refuse, for that is the link Allah, the Almighty God has created in humans.

“If you leave the politicians out of this then we are all unified,” said Mohammed Kafani, a refugee at the school.

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