Reading in Pakistan

August 6, 2006 at 1:28 pm (Internet)

In Pakistan and India many blog sites are blocked. Since I sometimes features blogs related to some people from Pakistan have asked how to access them. Well the method I found isn’t as easy as clicking a link, but can get your work done.

  1. You will require registration at one of Online RSS Aggregators like Google Reader first of all.
  2. Then get the URL of the blog which are interested in reading on regular basis e.g.
  3. Now click Subscribe to Rss / Add Rss feed link in your online RSS Aggregator.
  4. Add /rss/atom.xml at end of ur URL to get the RSS feed url.
  5. Just subscribe to this url e.g. in this example it would be

Congrats! Now you can read Stuart Hughes: Beyond Northern Iraq blog (or any other blog) in your Online reader. The trick is simply that online readers get the data from and then serve you that data. So, you will never get in touch with through your ISP. Simple and effective.

1 Comment

  1. Gon said,

    you can also try eradini.blogspot

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