11 things men don’t tell their wives.

August 8, 2006 at 6:01 am (Humor)

This MSN Lifestyle article has a humorous collection of “secrets” that men keep from their wives. And I think it is supposed to be kept that way till Armageddon hits (or it will hit earlier). The list contains items like:

  • Yes, we fall in lust 10 times a day — but it doesn’t mean we want to leave you
  • We actually do play golf to get away from you
  • Earning money makes us feel important
  • We don’t really understand what you’re talking about
  • We are terrified when you drive

and the list goes on. Hehe! Really very interesting. And if you are a husband yourself why not read what secrets your wife keep from you? And do checkout the video of what happens after marriage.

11 “Dont-Tell-The-Wife” Secrets, all men keep @ MSN Lifestyles
11 “Dont-Tell-The-Husband” Secrets, all women keep @ MSN Lifestyles
After Marriage video @ Google Videos


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