Geeky Gadgets for students

August 8, 2006 at 7:31 pm (Hardware)

Shoe MP3From the looks of the photo attached with this post, someone might scream and say that it is happening, now even our shoes need a usb connection to run. Well they aren’t completely wrong, these sneakers do require a usb connection, but not to allow you to run.. but to transfer music. It has a capacity of about 100 songs, and then these songs can be listened to wirelessly, in the headphones, and thus make these MP3 Sneakers. So, next time you are wearing formal dress (ie cannot wear these sneakers in your feet), you may put these shoes in your coat pocket just to listen to your music during the boring speeches, pretty handy!

This and other such gadgets featured at BusinessWeek aren’t just for students but they have selected these for the perfect (Geeky) dorm/hostel room. These include a Dual LCD screen which acts as both wide screen TV and high res monitor (one of the very few which have respectable game performance), a digital rocking chair with woofer in the head rest, a backpack with bluetooth, a notebook theft lock chord, VoIP phone, WiFi sound systems and much more. Can you really live in a dorm without all this crap of technology?

Ah! I am really starting to appreciate cavemen.. rub two stones, make fire, cook food, life complete. They would just laugh at modern man and his bluetooth.

See all the dorm gadgets @ BusinessWeek


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