“Minority Report” Human Interface Device

August 8, 2006 at 9:28 pm (Hardware, Science)

fingertip digitizerMovies always push technology towards cool ideas. The movie “Space Odyssey 2000” was a classic movie and to me a father of modern computer technologies. In recent movies, Steven Speilberg and Tom Cruise’s “Minority Report” is also one such movie which presented with a cool mid air human interface to computer by using arm motion.
“Fingertip digitizer” is created by people at University of Buffalo that tries to mimic same thing and do much more. All one needs to do is simply slip the sleeve onto their fingers and the device’s thin-film embedded force sensors and tri-axial accelerometer will track their movements in real-time, even providing tactile feedback corresponding to physical motions and virtual environments. For example, if you move your hand to pick up a ball, you will not only instruct the computer to grab the ball, but feel the pressure and weight of the ball in your hand; should you motion pulling the trigger on a sniper rifle in an FPS, you’ll feel that 1.5-pound hair-trigger move ever so slightly with your index finger.

More @ ZDnet Blogs

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