Why guys prefer female characters in games

August 8, 2006 at 5:52 am (Games)

This Reuters article takes a look at why male players of MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online Games) frequently decide to play as female characters:

In an About.com poll taken last summer, nearly two-thirds of the 920 respondents said they play characters of the opposite sex in online role-playing games. Kathryn Wright, WomenGamers.com’s consulting psychologist, earlier this decade found that 60 percent of male players who don female avatars, or on-screen personas, do it to gain an advantage in game play. An enthusiast with the online handle Jackpot649 nailed the Zeitgeist in his response to the About.com query: “I’m a guy, but if I gotta look at an avatar all day, I’d sooner look at a female avatar. Plus, people give you more free stuff.”

WOW FemaleAvatar

Well I don’t play MMORPGs, but when I play offline RPGs, I use female avatar… cause yup! a female avatar is easier on the eyes 🙂 or even when I play Unreal Tournament I use female avatars for simple fact that they have slimmer body type making it harder for others to aim at. So, there you have it.. two reasons why Guy gamers use Female avatars even in offline mode 🙂

Read the complete article @ Reuters


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