PC’s Silver Jubilee

August 9, 2006 at 11:59 pm (PC)

Thats right folks, our beloved Personal Computers have turned 25. Its one year older than me.. just missed the opportunity, or we both would have celebrated our Silver Jubilee together.

dellTwenty-five years have passed since IBM launched its version of the personal computer. Apple may have captured the attention of early computer hobbyists with its first products, but IBM’s PC made the business world sit up and realize that personal computers could be much more than toys. And Michael Dell thinks the best is still to come.

Michael Dell started off using PCs to create homework shortcuts, the way many young people at the time discovered the new devices. Few people, including Dell’s parents, realized exactly how large the potential was for the personal computer. More than 20 years after he founded PC’s Limited, he admits his parents never quite embraced his decision to leave the University of Texas at Austin to start the company that would eventually bear his name and record $56 billion in revenue during its last fiscal year.

More on the history of Dell and PCs @ CNet News

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    I like julibee-diamond verymuch

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