3D Screensavers to Woo! your Co-workers

August 12, 2006 at 5:36 am (Internet, PC)

Screensavers are something everyone inevitably keeps.. I usually (all the time) keep “Blank” Screensaver at home. Its fast.. doesn’t eat too much of CPU, PC remains responsive and is overall good for monitors health. But in office I like to keep all the cool screensavers ON.. as most of people watch them when I am not on seat or busy in some manual work.. and thats the 2nd biggest purpose of screensavers, “woo-ing” your colleagues. (The first biggest purpose : saving the screen ofcourse).

In my search to find the next big office hit, I stumbled upon this site. This site has a collection of 3D Screensavers from different software houses. So, all this goodness in one space is what everyone requires. Although not freeware.. but you can get free trial download.. and can replace the screensaver with something even cooler before trial has expired.. Ahhhh!


Incase you ARE one of the co-workers I intend to woo! just don’t go here.. and don’t judge me! I am just human.

Get 3D Screensavers @ Rixane


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