Israeli vs Palestine evils

August 12, 2006 at 5:38 am (Politics)

Although this article is from a Norwegian Newspaper dated 14th January 2006, but is very relevant in context to current events. It debates about Norway’s plan to boycott Israeli goods. In order to prove requirement and results of such a plan, the author gives some statistical analysis of why a ban is required to stop the violence that has been occurring in the region:

Whereas Palestinian suicide attacks targeting Israeli civilians have garnered much media attention, Israel’s quantitatively worse record of killing non-combatants is less well known. According to the most recent figures of the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B’Tselem), 3,386 Palestinians have been killed since September 2000, of whom 1,008 were identified as combatants, as opposed to 992 Israelis killed, of whom 309 were combatants. This means that three times more Palestinians than Israelis have been killed and up to three times more Palestinian civilians than Israeli civilians.

Human Rights Watch estimated that “the number of Palestinians tortured or severely ill-treated” was “in the tens of thousands – a number that becomes especially significant when it is remembered that the universe of adult and adolescent male Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza is under three-quarters of one million.” In 1987 Israel became “the only country in the world to have effectively legalized torture” (Amnesty).

The article further proves the fact that morally a ban on Israeli goods is justified for crimes like demolition of more than 4000 Palestinenians homes and further breaches of Human rights. But article also raises questions as whether this was enough to hold down such a force?

Read the complete and actual article @ Authors website


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  1. esi ali said,

    down with israel

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