Saudi Arab to go Democratic

August 12, 2006 at 5:49 am (News, Politics)

Saudi Arab is still a kingdom ruled by kings, where sons of king inherit the kingdom, It has been this way from the times after The Bedouin states were joined to form a whole “United Saudi Arab (USA???)”. But is that all about to change now?

AlSaudPrince Talal Mohammad al-Rashid is son of the last ruler of the independent Rashidi emirate, which reigned in the northwestern region of Hail from 1835 to 1921. He said on 8th August 2006: “We announce the birth of the Saudi Democratic Opposition Front, which will struggle by peaceful means for the establishment of democracy in the country.”

“The Al-Saud (family ruling Saudi Arabia) must either respect liberties and introduce democracy or give up the power they usurped,” Prince Talal, who has been living in exile in France since 1980, told AFP.

So, what else he aims to do, since he already has 2000 members in Saudi Arab and aims to launch a TV Channel in Europe too, to promote his cause. Does he honestly want democracy or just want to take hold of Ruler-ship powers of the Oil-rich kingdom? Whats your say!

Know more about the Saudi democractic movement @ AlJazeera

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