Grudge 2 trailer

August 13, 2006 at 11:52 am (Media)

grudge girlWhat is it about small kids? Are they so horrible that in every Japanese (an now Hollywood) movies kids are made the source of pure scares and horrors. The Ring and The Grudge being top of the list, and even in Computer games … FEAR used the little girl Elma, to scare the **** out of us. I never really like Zombies etc., they aren’t scary.. they are stupid, slow moving and too violent for my taste. Evil kids, starting from days of Chucky (Childs Play) have been my taste for horror.

And now The Sarah Michelle Gellar’s starrer Grudge returns with a sequel. And recently the trailer has been released. More scary fun coming for all of us..

We humans don’t like getting scared… but we still do.. movies, roller coasters, horror rides its all part of that same feeling, proving just one thing “we are a screwed-up breed”.

Oh! well enjoy the new trailer of Grudge 2 @ YouTube


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