Plug-n-Play Cricket

August 13, 2006 at 10:23 pm (Console, Games, Hardware)

PlugnPlayCricketCricket is very famous in England, South Asia and Australia and this product is targeted towards those regions ONLY. This plug-and-play cricket features realist bat and ball. Motion sensors detect the batsman’s swings and the bowler’s bowl. Apparently players must use the “proper” bowling motion for the action to register on the game. What’s more, the motion-sensitive ball is outfitted with a directional pad and three buttons that dictate spin!

Although I belong to region of cricket fanatics, who will just do anything to keep updated about this time consuming sport, yet I hate it. Yup! I am Anti-Cricket because of simple fact that it doesn’t pack much action and wastes 1~5 days just to finish one match. In such a world of fast paced things I don’t understand why people dont modify the rules of the game to keep up the pace.

Oh well! More about Plug-and-play cricket @ New Launches


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