Repairing disconnected headphone wires

August 13, 2006 at 6:23 pm (Hardware)

Did it ever happen to you that some pet of yours ruined any of your property. Well its even worse when the pet is not yours. I own a Zling MP3 player, which came with really good pair of headphones. I was expecting some cheap model which I would had to replace but they were the best headphone I had ever got. And recently my brother pet parrot, chewed the wire and now I was getting mono sound.

In trying to rectify the broken wire connection.. I went on and on peeling on and on to get new bare wire from under the insulation… but the wire connections just didn’t make the magic happen. Until I finally cut of the jack and brought in a new one.

These (or any other normal) headphones have two wires for Left and Right speaker, and each wire contains further two wires, one is colored (live wire) and other is bare copper wire (ground). So, I just matched the colors and bare wires and hoped that would make it work… but it didn’t turn out that simple.

So, in my research I found that basically the color is insulating enamel on the wires, so if you just solder the colored wires, your are just connecting insulations and no real current can flow through this. So, trick is to scratch the enamel off (fire can melt the enamel pretty fast) and then solder the wires together. And there you have it, a fresh pair of .. mmmm! old repaired headphone ready 🙂

A good forum I found about repairing headphone earplugs and jacks @


  1. nobody said,

    Hi… thanks a lot for the article… the ‘melt the enamel’ part really helped…

  2. lukas said,

    another good way to repair head phone, if your head phones are cut half way from the jack and the head phones… well at least some where near that, what u do is take the wires and cut off the rubber untill u see 4 wires on each end, then what u do is twist the wires together and use a lighter which will melt the copper togeter and make sure u have 1/2 an inch for each wire before u twist them together, then take electrical tape or any tape and wrap up the wires so none are showing, be sure to match the colours, unless your colour blind of course. good luck

  3. lukas said,

    oh yea im good

  4. Eric said,

    Great article! Im at work right now so there is no solder gun here, so maybe Il just find a lighter or sumthin and use lukas’ trick.

  5. Arvil said,

    Thanks Bro, u Saved my money!!

  6. Ash said,

    had a pair of 99 buk EM1s from future sonics that had the wires ripped out of the jack, and couldnt figure out how to get the enamel off. thanks! fire worked great, then cleaned them soldered to a new jack and got them back up and running!

  7. Gary said,

    Thanks for the help, I couldn’t figure out the wire until I read your comment about the enameled insulation. A lighter did the trick for me. Thanks again, Gary

  8. Zeppelin said,

    This method worked for me in the past. But now I’m trying to Fix a pair of Sennheiser PX 100’s. They have two wires with the ground in each(Four in all(One red One blue and Two Ground)) What I’m trying to do is replace the 1/8in jack with one from and old pair of Skullcandys. The only problem is that the Skullcandy jack has one wire. with three inside the insulation(One red One blue One Ground). I tried soldering the two ground wires from the Sennheisers together then to the single ground on the Skullcandys in a Y shape, then the red and blue wires together. but it sounds awful… Can anyone explain how do do something like this? Or break it to me if its possible or not? That would be a HUGE help.
    -Thank you

    • Nathanael said,

      2 ground wires? That doesn’t make sense. One is probably ground and the other I would say is the negative. Sure, some people argue they are the same… and it’s sort of true… however negative returns to the sorce of the power while ground disapates to any negative source.

      Your old plug doesn’t have a ground at all. It just has a negative. So solder the two negatives together and do nothing with the ground. The ground, if not soldered right, would only sap the power away giving you a diminished sound wave.

  9. James said,

    The information on melting the enamel proved invaluable, I couldn’t have fixed my headphones if it wasn’t for passing by this page!

  10. Me said,

    I’m constantly amazed at the really awful spelling and grammar posted on sites like this.
    Do you not have any self respect?
    Get a dictionary or use a spell checker!
    There’s no excuse for sounding like an idiot!

    • Topanaris said,

      I am constantly amazed by morons like you who go sniffing around messages boards and feel this insatiable need to bicker and whine about grammar. Oh the melting the enamel thing was brliliant.

  11. myke said,

    hey thank you sooo much, my skullcandy phone recently broke and altho i have no volume control on them now, this article is epic thanks sooo much 😀

  12. john said,

    pretty cool

  13. Robert Hastings said,

    does anyone know what colors are what for skull candy low riders. im trying to fix them with a new jack and thiers two coppers a blue and a red and i cant figure out which is which… please help

  14. Jibera said,

    this is awesome it actually worked!

  15. murali said,

    tnx…and it is a great article

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