Documentary: US "War Crimes" in Iraq

August 14, 2006 at 7:39 pm (Uncategorized)

Although worlds attention is targeted towards Israel/Lebonan conflict only, but the atrocities in Iraq are far worse. This documentary is collection of facts from history, interview with marines who have been in Iraq and based on army footage tells story of terrorism U.S. army did in Iraq.

The video starts from the Vietnam war and some footage which was very later on found in archives showing the destruction of common villagers and fires caused by Napalm bombs. The fire spread from these bombs were worse as they burnt the skins of people till they gave up on life. Later UN banned such weapons. And the documentary shows such events in which U.S. is repeating this in Iraq through Phosphorus grenades which burn the skins of women and children.

The atrocities are so cruel that the marine interviewed agrees that before landing the “terrorist” age allowed for shooting were 18 to 65, but their US forces did so cruel acts that even children of age 10 were forced to pick up arms to take revenge and then the army shot such kids too.

Watch the complete documentary and open your eyes to reality @ Google Video

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