Real Mutants possible

August 14, 2006 at 8:04 pm (Uncategorized)

A scientist has been experimenting with half-human and half-animal mutation and even half one animal half another animal breeding. But this raises many strong moral objections to creating what fiction has termed as “mutant” entities. New Scientist reports:

The Scottish Council on Human Bioethics advocates banning embryos containing human and animal genetic material and cloned embryos created by combining human cells with cow or rabbit oocytes, something Wilmut wants to attempt in order to study motor neurone

Wow now this would be interesting, what if people do get mutated with frogs (frog man?), spiders (Spiderman), wolves (wolverine) and then there would be female mutants yes bat-women, cat-women. And then allow them to mate…. and we would would a whole lot of weirdos have little girls hopping with spider legs and large bat wings, I don’t think they would have a chance of becoming Miss Teen USA now would they. So, that proves why this mutant research is no good. hmm! damn! that mean no chance for me to join the X-men!

More about actual research @ New Scientist



  1. g.j said,

    i think the scientist is right people should try to create mutants just think what a world it would be if all of a sudden some country starts attacking and we cant fight back then the mutants will come to help u can call the super soldiers

  2. codebreaker said,

    how do i become a mutant person how i really want to have a pwer or something or be a mutant i want to be a mutant or have a power how do i get that i dont care what i need to go through i just want one of the two please tell me how id like a power or be a mutant like spiderman or the hulk or wolviren orsomething how can i be that or have that i want to know HOW!

    • xxx said,

      forget it you cant

      • mutantfollower44 said,

        you might acually be able to do it if you research and find people who might live during the bonding process

  3. frankie castle said,

    your all gay

  4. Peter said,

    Man this is very freaky i think that these experiments should be terminated before nothing bad happened just think If the (super soldiers) would get like evil or obsest with power ?
    no jail would ever possible hold like a half human half rino thing ?

  5. Random Press » Talk Out Your Ass said,

    […] you can be sure the military is conducting subterranean clone experiments by splicing genes from the burliest predators on earth with human DNA, and getting some marvelously […]

  6. shannon said,

    what if something goes wrong and they escape and start killing people and we cant defend ourselves IT IS SICK

    • hasitha said,

      i know it will be awesome !!!

  7. Ali said,

    lol, you are funny, mutants doens’t exist only in Pripijat ( Chernobyl ).
    So new soldiers will be robots and not mutants. It is hard too control mutan. It is like a mad dog.

  8. Daren said,

    I’m sorry, I’m still laughing at “Wolves = wolverine” rather than the actual animal “wolverine” instead. And None of this will, or can ever happen because the CDC wouldn’t allow it. The disease potenial of something like this is beyond what anyone is willing to risk I’m sure.

  9. Shaggy said,

    Mutants dont really exist.

  10. MUTANT RULES said,

    I am in full support of mutant project. This is done to save humanity! Dun you realise that we humans can’t stay at a certain stage forever? Its either u evolve, or u go backwards. But look at the people today, we are all deterioting. Our eyesight gets worse and worse much credit given to the advance technology today, we lost our physical strength despite we dun need to hunt like a predator anymore. But the environment is changing, the weather gets terrible, the air are polluted.

    We need to survive the ecosystem’s punishment on what we had done to it, Since we are not evolving to get use to the environment changes, we need mutation to help us, if not…… extinction is at nigh.

    • mutantfollower44 said,

      your right its evolve or die

  11. sup said,

    I agree wid mutant rules. its not like freaky spider legged girls moving around, mutants are an improved human race. If you have problem with mutants then i would say stop eating your food coz many of them are genetically engineered crops. There are certain boundaries of nature which even science can’t cross. Let’s face it with glaciers melting & ozone depleting, it will definately be the survival of the fittest. we r in d midst of environmental crisis n mus begin to change our ways if we & countless other species are to survive.

  12. sup said,

    With these advances we’ll have lives that are long & healthy.we are in the midst of environmental crisis & it is going to be the survival of the fittest. There are many significant obstacles to overcome the interspecies boundaries which even science can’t overcome. These projects are just to further enhance the human capabilities. We hav enhanced our crops so that we can have more of nutrients from a single source why not support this as well!!!

  13. Riot said,

    personally i doubt it’s true, but if there was like mind development in psychonesis or telekenesis that you can gain by gene splicing, dangerous radiation, or if possible some painless type of method to control shit with ur bare though, sign me up….

    or if projects like body enchancements….

    because here’s the thing my life sucks so i have nothing to lose…

  14. Htet Aung said,

    Hey, guys

    i don’t understand why you all are so interested
    in this DNA manipulation and mutant stuff. we all can have all the power we want just by making our mind more focus, powerful, and strong with simply meditating and concentrating on just one thing at a time. i have been doing so since i was 15 . now, i am 17 and i have some powers, not really big ones though. my power are like moving a very small object only with mind and being able to see some wiered things like ghosts without being frightened.
    although they are really small and weak, i believe they will be very powerful and big when i am over 20 if i carry on like this.
    may the ultimate power be with all of you guys

  15. joseph said,

    you are wrong in your assumptions of what will happen. They only need certian genes not half and half, they have already done this with a goat and a spider so that the goat will produce silk in its milk and the goat still looks exactly like an ordinary goat.

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