Windows Vista – The soft drink

August 15, 2006 at 4:07 pm (PC, Weird)

I work in a “projects” based company, so there is no regular production and time after time new projects come, but some projects are so long that you even lose the motivation when work gets stuck in loops and the product just doesn’t seem to get out. Same seems to be the situation with Windows Vista. This Microsoft project seems to have stuck in pipeline.

To keep things fresh and keep up the motivation of the programmers, Gates and Co. has ordered a supply of Windows Vista beverages to compliment the plethora of other free refreshments available at the office. Decked out with the updated Windows logo and a URL to the company’s internal Vista site.

Well maybe the general public may never get to drink it, but I think idea is good for other Project based companies to follow. And for beverage makers to get license from Microsoft to release the “official” Microsoft drink. Geeks like me will drink it even though it wouldn’t taste as good as any other soda but at least I would be able to show-off that I am a techie-guy.

Read more @ NwSource


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