Blackmail online – for free

August 16, 2006 at 6:38 am (Humor, Internet)

There is a service, which I never knew about, but is working well enough is “Extortr – Online Blackmail for the masses”. The services eases the job of “how to blackmail efficiently”. The idea is that you take a photo or video of someone worth being blackmailed about. Then upload that scandalous video to Extortr and email your demand to the victim. He can check this video online himself/herself. If they pay-up the video will be deleted, else it will be made public for everyone to see.

Blackmailing made simple online @ Extortr

(btw at the bottom of the site it is written “This isn’t actually a genuine web site. It’s just a joke.” Heck! I think it is a brilliant idea, and should pop-up a new generation of YouTube nation -> ? )


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  1. shocking said,

    how many videos have you collected?

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