iPod Jeans

August 17, 2006 at 5:04 pm (Hardware, Weird)

What is the craze about iPods? The iPod designer was honored by title of “Sir” by the Queen of Britain.. there are hundreds of accessories dedicated to this MP3 player. But I never got charmed by it, because there are so many MP3 players available which offer same or more at even lesser price! but what the heck, it became a status symbol among music listeners. And thus everyone wants to profit from the name by releasing products supporting the brand.

Levis new jeans caught up on the iPod fever, although there had been news of such a jeans under “construction”. But now some photos are here to prove their existence. The biggest difference is the big red strap type cable to connect your iPod too.. But I seriously doubt that it wont be hazardous to have such swinging cables around your legs.

Second change is enormous amount of pockets for keeping the iPod accessories. Pockets are always welcome thing for me, I like to keep my data cables, chargers, USB drives etc always at hand. Right now all that load is on my belt. I call it my Batman utility belt. To get back to the point.. the Levis iPod is just an excuse to cash in on the name, and doesn’t offer the cool features or design that could complement the iPod style.

See more photos @ Bright.nl


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