F.E.A.R: Combat – Free multiplayer game

August 19, 2006 at 12:32 pm (Games)

How often does it happen that a good game is made free? Well the chances of that are like 1 in 1000. Last good one was Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and following in foot steps is F.E.A.R: Combat. It is a free game containing just the multiplayer portion of the excellent game FEAR.

So, get your CD Keys free and download the 2GB full version of FEAR multiplayer game now. The game contains 10 multiplayer modes, 19 maps, 12 weapons and ability to play with owners of full FEAR game owners. If you never played this game! Shame on you!

Get FEAR Combat @ JoinFear



  1. jojo said,

    F.E.A.R: Combat. CD Keys please

  2. dino said,

    I will like to have a FEAR CD- key

  3. dino said,

    F.E.A.R; Combat CD Keys please

  4. queranten said,

    F.E.A.R; Combat CD key please

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