Remote-Controlled Human

August 22, 2006 at 7:04 am (Science)

Human Control through a remote is a disturbing thought. But that has been made somewhat possible by Japanese researchers. It is a device that stimulates “the vestibular system with a small jolt of electricity delivered just behind the ear from a small external device. A quick jolt to one side of the head makes people feel like they’re falling over, so they correct their balance by moving to one side or the other, creating a swaying type of walk. And the person must be blindfolded for the device to work, otherwise visual signals will correct for the apparent mismatch in head position”.

Scientists in Australia, Japan, and the United States are trying to develop more refined ways of stimulating the brain’s balance organ — not just to influence movement, but also to create more realistic virtual reality simulations, as well as medical prosthetics to help people with balance disorders. Hey! but when was the last time that technology was used just for good.

More information @ Technology Review
Demonstration Video @ YouTube


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