Mobile Security Tips

August 29, 2006 at 6:57 am (Mobile)

Just wanted to remind to every reader here to always keep your Mobile’s IMEI number in a safe place. And no not in your mobile.. in your desktop PC or any other “real” diary etc. You can use your IMEI number to get your mobile locked incase of theft.
To get your IMEI number, remove the battery of your set and mostly its written on a sticker below the battery location in the set. You can also dial: * # 0 6 # on your set to get this number.

There are few more things you can use to secure your set but rest of them are set specific. e.g. to secure your critical data inside mobile (passwords, credit card info, personal photos and emails etc), you can use third party software like Handy Safe. My set (Nokia E61) also has remote locking feature, so if your set has that do enable it. Using this enables you to SMS to your phone to lock. So, the theif will have to hard-reset your set to use it.. erasing all your critical data automatically.

Fore more tips there is a great blog post @ E-series


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