PUSH based email on regular GPRS phone

August 29, 2006 at 6:24 am (Internet)

The only Blackberry Connect feature as compared to regular GPRS net access, which is useful to me is PUSH based email service. i.e. on GPRS/Regular internet you have to go and check or request to check email on POP/Webmail server.
Compared to thsi on Blackberry devices the server pushes the mail to your handheld device whenever there is a new mail. So, no time and bandwith wasting to goto you mailbox again and again just to find “no new mail”.

What if you want this type of service on regular GPRS? Well there is a solution. SEVEN provides a free of cost service called AlwaysOnMail. Seven’s servers performs the mail checking and incase there is any update the mail will be PUSHed to you using regular GPRS. Many handsets are supported by them (including my Nokia E61. Yippe!) So, save some charges you waste over Email checking and get Blackberry PUSH based email without actually getting a blackberry device or service.

Get SEVEN’s Push email @ AlwaysOnMail.com

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