Just some thoughts: Nokia VS Sony VS Motorola

August 31, 2006 at 8:33 pm (Mobile)

I used to to be a Sony Ericsson fan; but not any more.. why? well because of marketing division telling the engineers to put what feature where.

  • Nokia came out with recent N and E series. Nokia had a good aim with these series. N targets the multimedia lovers… cameras, photos, TV out, and Photo Blogging.
    While E targets business with WiFi, Blackberry EDGE connect, QWERTY Keyboard, Extended email features.
    So, its a good defining line for those who are clear about their needs. And best of all, they have stopped producing stupid designs which seemed like something from 70s freak show in 21st century.
  • While Sony seems distracted as what to put where. The set W950i I posted about before this would be a dream come true for media lovers, but what a media lover got to do without a camera.
    Their W series does strengthen the “Walkman” brand, but its crippled without a decent camera.
    While K series should be targeted towards more “sophisticated” public but is blotted with “QuickShare” brand for making and sharing movies etc. The users get mixed thoughts of what to get. And thats bad strategy.
  • Motorola on third hand has a league of its on… It seems to me they don’t care about different market segments, divided by the “features” in a mobile. All they care is aesthetics of mobile and how slim do you wanna go.
    I think they would be best in Liposuction business!

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