Every man needs to weight lift to remain a man

September 2, 2006 at 9:14 pm (Science)

Do you know that biologically speaking all human fetuses are set by default to develop into a female. The root definition of being a man is simply having lots of testosterone, only when Testosterone hormones are flooded one becomes a true male.


Testostetones are produced by resistance exercises like weight lifting. The aim is not to blow up like Arnold, but doing exercise and regular weight lifting keeps male hormones in right order which reduces depression, fatigue, concentration and memory problem, stress and sleep disorders. If you suffer by any of those the big chance is that you are leading a male without testostetones.

Me myself may not be too much into weight lifting but I do have healthy life and all the symptoms of good amount of testostetones are present like sleeping like a baby (I dont even wakeup if someone shock my bed); waking up early.. well if 4:00AM is early yes I do wake up early and enjoy doing stuff at sunrise. But whole point is to keep it healthy.. light and good.

Read the whole article @ Brian Kim’s blog


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