Programmers meet designers

September 12, 2006 at 9:13 pm (Internet)

It’s no secret that most programmers aren’t very good at design. In addition to writing, I also develop software, so I can personally vouch for that statement. The two groups think in totally different ways – one thinks technically, and the other thinks aesthetically. Now how do you get both things in your project… a solution is find your opposite, welcome a site to your vocabulary… Programmers meet designers.

The site is essentially a bulletin board for people to post their availability. You can let others know what the required knowledge is, how the pricing will be split up, and what the deadline is for the project. So, programmers can find designers and designers can apply for requirement of a programmer. So, its a kind of dating service for those stuck in a project.

Meet programmers and designers @ Programmers Meet Designers


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