Difference in European and US news

October 5, 2006 at 5:37 pm (Politics)

I missed this one before but Julian Borger had an interesting observation during Lebanon crisis that is still valid even today, and I would like it share it with you. The article is beautifully entitled “Its like watching two different wars”:

The US and European media have always covered the Middle East from different perspectives, but flying back to Washington from a stay in London at the height of the Lebanese conflict made it clear to me how wide the gulf has become. Britons and Americans are watching two different wars.

The overwhelming emphasis of television and press coverage in the UK was the civilian casualties in Lebanon. Day after day, those were the “splash” stories. The smaller number of civilian casualties from Hizbullah rockets in northern Israel was also covered but rarely made the top headlines or front pages.

Back in DC, watching Lebanon through American camera lenses, the centre of the action seemed to be Haifa. This emphasis on Israeli casualties relative to Lebanese was taken to its breathtaking extreme by Charles Krauthammer, a conservative columnist on the Washington Post, who described the Hizbullah rocket attacks as “perhaps the most blatant terror campaign from the air since the London blitz.”

Read the extremely well written column @ Guardian’s Comments are free

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