PS3 ADs target psychos!

October 29, 2006 at 9:52 am (Console)

HorrorKidToyIf you have seen the old PS2 ADs, you would remember how weird they were. Whirlpools of time, things getting sucked in and out and something like that with no real flow or theme. Well if you see the latest PS3 trailer well you would officially claim that Sony’s flare of creating totally flipped ADs for Playstation brand hasn’t gone away.

This new AD has a baby doll alone in a room with PS3 and the doll just starts to freak out, laugh and horrify in its own chuckles and then PS3 levitate from floor.
Well it was both weird, and well the evil side of me (thats 95% of my body fats), did enjoy the AD. But I doubt that normal humans will pour out 500 bucks after watching such ADs. So, do comment about your opinions about it.

Psycho Baby AD for PS3 @ YouTube

Well atleast Nintendo has some/a lot of sanity left and their ADs target the actual games and the how you will play the games, so if you are a Wii supporter (like me) check these out:

A Wii Clip @ YouTube
Wii vs PS3 spoof @ YouTube


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