Halo 3 scans and details

October 30, 2006 at 7:00 am (Games)

A Swedish magazine has some Halo 3 screenshots and interview with the designer. Well I was never amazed by Halo’s graphics, it was always about the gameplay that fascinated me. And Halo 3 seems to be no exception again. So, I wasn’t intrested in the scans of the magazine but I was intrested in the scoop.

But whats radically new. This game was a trend setter, but is it really taking the things ahead or just getting pale in its own famedom? Well right now after reading few comments from the design team I aint expecting much from them.

“We definitely have another strategy than Epic Games (Unreal series, Gears of War) when it comes to graphics. We’ll never engulf our game environments in lots of details like that. Gears of War looks absolutely fantastic, but we want to avoid compromising Halo’s unique visual style. That’s why we’re making a clean, sharp game as opposed to one with insane amount of details.” -Brian Jarrard

I don’t think that “unique”… I think that is “cheap”. People are not requesting an art style change, just add more details. Who wouldn’t love to see the Halo world in full foilage and bloom lightning.

“A lot of people ask us about bots. They think that the AI in Halo was pretty damn good, and would work well in MP as well, but it’s really not that simple. The enemies in Halo are optimized for encountering the player in large numbers. They would be a lot worse at abstract thought AI like ‘I have to defend my flag’ and so forth. In short, to create bots for Halo would be an immense undertaking, and we rather put that time into making new levels, weapons and netcode.” -Jaime Griesemer

They just keep forcing us the believe that people at Bungie are “Lazy”. Don’t think I am Halo hater, I love the game, but I hate to see it suffer due to laziness and Bungie who have earned so much from the series.

The complete scoop and scans @ VideoGames Blogger


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