CGW is 25 years old

November 20, 2006 at 7:06 am (Games, Media)

Image1Computer Gaming World is the oldest gaming magazine and just reached 25 years in age indicating that gaming became serious … when I was born hehe!

And from this point on Microsoft has taken “the” most respected magazine under its wing and it will be renamed to “Games for windows: the official magazine” (GFW for short), which is also the branded logo on games which will ship especially designed with Vista compatibility.

Moreover the first 100 issues of CGW have been scanned and are available as free download for Nostalgic fans.

Get the first 100 issues in PDF format @ FileFront
Visit the new home (under construction) of magazine @ 1UP


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Nintendo spends $200 million

November 19, 2006 at 8:22 pm (Console)

Yup! thts right $200 million dollar and on just Advertising the Wii. Wii is gonna be a strong contender for sales as it launches today. According to analysts its not gonna be PS3 which is gonna be a contender for sales against Xbox360 … its gonna be Wii against Xbox 360.

As for me, I can wait for prices to go low.. and then get a Wii. I am not an Xbox or PS3 guy cause PC gaming is enough for me, Wii on other hand provides an experience that neither of the giants can provide, so PC+Wii is gonna be my combination for a nice cocktail.

Watch the $200 million put to good use, the first Wii US commercial @ YouTube
Read about Wii vs Xbox 360 sales prediction by analysts @ GamePro

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Microsoft Zune Launches

November 19, 2006 at 8:11 pm (Hardware, Media)


Remember the iPod killer Microsoft had been working on, its finally here. It launched on Nov 14, at a price tag of $250. With a strong community behind the iPod name, zune has to outperform in many areas to even make brake-even. And for this they are putting extra compatibility features with both Xbox 360 and Windows PC. The device can not just play mp3s but share photos, music and videos between all compatible devices. There maybe even allow downloadable TV programs on zune just like Xbox 360.

More photos of taking zune out of its box @ GamePro
Zune connectivity with PC and Xbox360 @ GamePro

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PS3 Launches

November 19, 2006 at 8:00 pm (Console)

88,400 PS3s were sold on first day of Launch in Japan. The sales are going strong and people seem to be so hyped in US as well where it will launch today. I think they are gonna ship 100 units to each shop, which is very low. Similarly in Japan they are taking Post-Orders i.e. people pay up then Sony manufactures and then delivers. As holiday season approaches its evident that there is gonna be a shortage of PS3s; Sony shouldn’t be this conscious and make more your units.

Japan first day sales info @ GamePro
Lines around a US shop 35 hrs before launch @ YouTube

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