Nintendo spends $200 million

November 19, 2006 at 8:22 pm (Console)

Yup! thts right $200 million dollar and on just Advertising the Wii. Wii is gonna be a strong contender for sales as it launches today. According to analysts its not gonna be PS3 which is gonna be a contender for sales against Xbox360 … its gonna be Wii against Xbox 360.

As for me, I can wait for prices to go low.. and then get a Wii. I am not an Xbox or PS3 guy cause PC gaming is enough for me, Wii on other hand provides an experience that neither of the giants can provide, so PC+Wii is gonna be my combination for a nice cocktail.

Watch the $200 million put to good use, the first Wii US commercial @ YouTube
Read about Wii vs Xbox 360 sales prediction by analysts @ GamePro


1 Comment

  1. Jardini said,

    The wii definitely rocks. I just can’t wait until mario cart comes out.

    Imaging using one hand to drive the cart and use wii remote on the other hand to throw weapon….LOL

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