Nintendo spends $200 million

November 19, 2006 at 8:22 pm (Console)

Yup! thts right $200 million dollar and on just Advertising the Wii. Wii is gonna be a strong contender for sales as it launches today. According to analysts its not gonna be PS3 which is gonna be a contender for sales against Xbox360 … its gonna be Wii against Xbox 360.

As for me, I can wait for prices to go low.. and then get a Wii. I am not an Xbox or PS3 guy cause PC gaming is enough for me, Wii on other hand provides an experience that neither of the giants can provide, so PC+Wii is gonna be my combination for a nice cocktail.

Watch the $200 million put to good use, the first Wii US commercial @ YouTube
Read about Wii vs Xbox 360 sales prediction by analysts @ GamePro


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PS3 Launches

November 19, 2006 at 8:00 pm (Console)

88,400 PS3s were sold on first day of Launch in Japan. The sales are going strong and people seem to be so hyped in US as well where it will launch today. I think they are gonna ship 100 units to each shop, which is very low. Similarly in Japan they are taking Post-Orders i.e. people pay up then Sony manufactures and then delivers. As holiday season approaches its evident that there is gonna be a shortage of PS3s; Sony shouldn’t be this conscious and make more your units.

Japan first day sales info @ GamePro
Lines around a US shop 35 hrs before launch @ YouTube

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PS3 ADs target psychos!

October 29, 2006 at 9:52 am (Console)

HorrorKidToyIf you have seen the old PS2 ADs, you would remember how weird they were. Whirlpools of time, things getting sucked in and out and something like that with no real flow or theme. Well if you see the latest PS3 trailer well you would officially claim that Sony’s flare of creating totally flipped ADs for Playstation brand hasn’t gone away.

This new AD has a baby doll alone in a room with PS3 and the doll just starts to freak out, laugh and horrify in its own chuckles and then PS3 levitate from floor.
Well it was both weird, and well the evil side of me (thats 95% of my body fats), did enjoy the AD. But I doubt that normal humans will pour out 500 bucks after watching such ADs. So, do comment about your opinions about it.

Psycho Baby AD for PS3 @ YouTube

Well atleast Nintendo has some/a lot of sanity left and their ADs target the actual games and the how you will play the games, so if you are a Wii supporter (like me) check these out:

A Wii Clip @ YouTube
Wii vs PS3 spoof @ YouTube

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Best Xbox 360 Case Mods

October 7, 2006 at 9:15 am (Console)

These are all so cool, a war torn xbox, a halo dedicated case mod, a transparent one, and a real cool shinning one etc. You just have to see these to appreciate the love people put in case modding their Xbox.


Watch the top ten @ Cybernet News

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A FPS oriented controller for Xbox 360

October 3, 2006 at 9:23 pm (Console)

A few juicy hints were dropped by Microsoft’s Robert Walker on Monday in regards to a special FPS controller in the works for the Xbox 360. His comments were made at Gamefest in Seattle, and he was quick to clarify that Microsoft has no concrete plans for the device, but that it’s more of a long term exploration. Sadly, it’s no replacement for the tried-and-true keyboard/mouse combination: Microsoft is merely working on a new right analog stick that would be better with the precise movements required for FPS and game types. The controller wouldn’t replace the current, well-praised offering, but would merely be an option for enthusiasts and competitive types. Microsoft is also dropping more hints about some sort of motion sensing technology implementation in a future 360 controller.

More about Xbox FPS controllers @ Xbox 360 Fanboy
More about motion sensing controller @ Engaget

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Nintendo car

September 30, 2006 at 8:31 am (Console)

One look at this dudes car and you will understand that he is a Nintendo fan. There are nintedo logo on side, Mario stripes on hood and Mario sticker on windshield. But my favourite part:


See all photos @ AeroPause

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Lara’s Crystalized Xbox

September 24, 2006 at 10:49 am (Console)

karima xb360During the recent game convention in Leipzig, Germany, Lara Croft model Karima Adebibe showed up with a Swarovski-crystaled Xbox 360 in over 20 colours, with each crystal laboriously applied by hand. The value of this console is worth € 9.000 or roughly $11,000 which would feed a poor family of 8 for 1-year.

More info @ Aeropause

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World of Warcraft, not possible on consoles?

September 24, 2006 at 10:37 am (Console, Games)

Roughly six million addicts should be reason enough to bring World of Warcraft to the consoles. Yet, the game’s developer, Blizzard, remains hesitant. Says the company’s chief operating officer Paul Sams:

We’ve met with Microsoft, we’ve met with Sony, and we are exploring these things, but the list of challenges is long. One really big challenge is that one of the key features of a massively multiplayer game, especially WOW, is consistent and regular content updates. They require hard drive space, and there’s a finite amount of that on each of those platforms… On PC, we make it, we test it, we deploy it. On console, we could be waiting for days, because you’ve got to submit and test it. And if they don’t like something, we’ve got to go back to the drawing board.

In short: Sams thinks console gaming isn’t where it’s at. And who’s to say he’s wrong? Blizzard has been incredibly successful by sticking with the PC, a platform that ultimate gives the company more freedom, control and, well, money. But, what does he think about console gaming’s online service?

I think that Live will reign… [Microsoft] has a much longer track record and history of multiplayer gaming, and I think they absolutely will have the lead. It’s going to be excruciatingly difficult for anyone – including Sony – to take that away from Microsoft. They’re way too far ahead.

More @ Eurogamer

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Wii has 27 launch titles

September 20, 2006 at 9:25 pm (Console, Games)

Here is a quick comparison of amount of launch titles available for next gen consoles:

The Xbox 360 launched last year with 18 games in the US, although only a handfull were exclusive, and 11 of them were sports games. The Wii counters with it’s games spanning numerous genres (maybe even inventing some new ones) and over 20 exclusive titles. The PS3 is currently sitting at 15 confirmed games on it’s November 17th launch day. The current Wii launch list (which you can see below) is far from final, and we wouldn’t say it’s a stretch to expect to see at least 30 games on launch day.

Original source @ nWizard

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Playstation Portable 2.0

September 18, 2006 at 11:31 pm (Console)

The latest issue of PSM says Sony is going to roll out a new PSP in Japan next spring. Here are the details:


  • Sony reached a deal with Samsung to purchase 8GB flash memory chips which will be built in according to industry reports.
  • Miniature hard disk drives are out.
  • It will be streamlined and thinner and lighter
  • Sony is still expected to include a camera (still/video) of undertermined resolution as a buit-in feature of the new PSP.

More @ Evil Avatar

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