Microsoft Zune Launches

November 19, 2006 at 8:11 pm (Hardware, Media)


Remember the iPod killer Microsoft had been working on, its finally here. It launched on Nov 14, at a price tag of $250. With a strong community behind the iPod name, zune has to outperform in many areas to even make brake-even. And for this they are putting extra compatibility features with both Xbox 360 and Windows PC. The device can not just play mp3s but share photos, music and videos between all compatible devices. There maybe even allow downloadable TV programs on zune just like Xbox 360.

More photos of taking zune out of its box @ GamePro
Zune connectivity with PC and Xbox360 @ GamePro


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USB powered BBQ Grill

September 24, 2006 at 10:17 am (Hardware, Science)

This is one hell of a mod. Using 30 USB ports spread out over five USB PCI cards, this barbeque was created. The PC is still functional, too.


Video @ Information page

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Zune will cost $300

September 24, 2006 at 9:30 am (Hardware, Media)

zuneEveryone knows the hype behind Zune, the Microsoft’s iPod. But there are some price figures romaing on net of this device. As Engadget reports:

Common sense would dictate it would be at or slightly below what the iPod is asking for their device — but not above — and if TWiCE is correct with their information, the Zune will run for an on-par $299. They’re also reporting the Zune won’t allow for music purchases on the go, which kind of flies in the face of that whole “connected entertainment” thing, as well as the idea of putting WiFi in a portable, so we’re looking at it somewhat skeptically for the time being.

Pretty daunting, you must agree. So, what makes Microsoft so sure that they can still iPod lovers to Zune…. no one knows.. yet!

Zune price @ Twice

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Sandler donates 400 PS to Israel

August 22, 2006 at 12:59 am (Games, Hardware, Humor, Politics)

Following its 34-day war with Lebanon, funny man Adam Sandler is doing his part to help out war ravaged Israel. Not only is he generously donating US $100,000 of his own money, but he’s also sending 400 PlayStations to children whose houses were damaged. Because after a war, the first thing you want to do is play some PS2 in your bombed out living room. And, what are Lebanese expecting? First aid? Atari 2600?

More @ jspot

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Motion sensing controller for PC/PS2

August 22, 2006 at 12:46 am (Console, Games, Hardware)


Classy peripheral maker eDimensional made a gyroscopic controller with a built-in rumble for the PS2 and PC. The pad is an eight way digital direction controller that features twin motors for double the vibe feedback. It has patented Virtual Reality Motion Sensing (everyone just seems to have a patent for motion sensing these days, I don’t think patents are what they used to be, everyone seems to get one for same thing with slightly different name).

Other than the technology buff behind the controller; What’s up with their AD. Seriously dude! What are you selling?

Product info @ eDimensional

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iPod Jeans

August 17, 2006 at 5:04 pm (Hardware, Weird)

What is the craze about iPods? The iPod designer was honored by title of “Sir” by the Queen of Britain.. there are hundreds of accessories dedicated to this MP3 player. But I never got charmed by it, because there are so many MP3 players available which offer same or more at even lesser price! but what the heck, it became a status symbol among music listeners. And thus everyone wants to profit from the name by releasing products supporting the brand.

Levis new jeans caught up on the iPod fever, although there had been news of such a jeans under “construction”. But now some photos are here to prove their existence. The biggest difference is the big red strap type cable to connect your iPod too.. But I seriously doubt that it wont be hazardous to have such swinging cables around your legs.

Second change is enormous amount of pockets for keeping the iPod accessories. Pockets are always welcome thing for me, I like to keep my data cables, chargers, USB drives etc always at hand. Right now all that load is on my belt. I call it my Batman utility belt. To get back to the point.. the Levis iPod is just an excuse to cash in on the name, and doesn’t offer the cool features or design that could complement the iPod style.

See more photos @

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Geforce 7600 card that support HD-TV

August 14, 2006 at 8:19 pm (Games, Hardware)

MSI has just unveiled the NX7600GT Diamond Plus graphics card, which features 256MB of GDDR3 memory @ 1400MHz, a single dual-link DVI-I, and HDMI audio/video outputs,  supporting video resolutions up to 1080p—perfect for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD formats. It goes on sale later this month, priced at $200-$250.

More details on this middle-stream 3D card @ Daily Tech

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Plug-n-Play Cricket

August 13, 2006 at 10:23 pm (Console, Games, Hardware)

PlugnPlayCricketCricket is very famous in England, South Asia and Australia and this product is targeted towards those regions ONLY. This plug-and-play cricket features realist bat and ball. Motion sensors detect the batsman’s swings and the bowler’s bowl. Apparently players must use the “proper” bowling motion for the action to register on the game. What’s more, the motion-sensitive ball is outfitted with a directional pad and three buttons that dictate spin!

Although I belong to region of cricket fanatics, who will just do anything to keep updated about this time consuming sport, yet I hate it. Yup! I am Anti-Cricket because of simple fact that it doesn’t pack much action and wastes 1~5 days just to finish one match. In such a world of fast paced things I don’t understand why people dont modify the rules of the game to keep up the pace.

Oh well! More about Plug-and-play cricket @ New Launches

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Dell sued over False ADs claims

August 13, 2006 at 10:00 pm (Hardware)

In China DELL advertised its new Laptops and got in trouble as it turned out that its laptops contained a different, cheaper chip than those advertised. The Intel T2300 chip was missing and a $32 cheaper model T2300E was used.

According to state media reports at least 20 lawsuits have been filed against the Texas-based firm. In a statement on its Direct2Dell website, Dell admitted it had made an “unfortunate and unintended marketing mistake” and apologized for the error.

More about the chip and consequences @ BBC

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Repairing disconnected headphone wires

August 13, 2006 at 6:23 pm (Hardware)

Did it ever happen to you that some pet of yours ruined any of your property. Well its even worse when the pet is not yours. I own a Zling MP3 player, which came with really good pair of headphones. I was expecting some cheap model which I would had to replace but they were the best headphone I had ever got. And recently my brother pet parrot, chewed the wire and now I was getting mono sound.

In trying to rectify the broken wire connection.. I went on and on peeling on and on to get new bare wire from under the insulation… but the wire connections just didn’t make the magic happen. Until I finally cut of the jack and brought in a new one.

These (or any other normal) headphones have two wires for Left and Right speaker, and each wire contains further two wires, one is colored (live wire) and other is bare copper wire (ground). So, I just matched the colors and bare wires and hoped that would make it work… but it didn’t turn out that simple.

So, in my research I found that basically the color is insulating enamel on the wires, so if you just solder the colored wires, your are just connecting insulations and no real current can flow through this. So, trick is to scratch the enamel off (fire can melt the enamel pretty fast) and then solder the wires together. And there you have it, a fresh pair of .. mmmm! old repaired headphone ready 🙂

A good forum I found about repairing headphone earplugs and jacks @

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