14 year old has 12 wives

September 20, 2006 at 12:03 am (Weird)

A teenaged Chinese boy has shocked his mother by marrying 12 times on the Internet. The 14-year-old of Zhejiang Province became so addicted to surfing the Internet, that he ended spending at least a dozen hours every day playing online games. Everything seemed to be fine until last week, when he astounded his parents by admitting that he had married many times on the cyber world. He told his mum about his online wives, all aged between 13 to 25, revealing that his longest marriage lasted for two months, while the shortest, merely hours. The boy admitted that he would propose a marriage as long as he thought the girl was beautiful after having an online video chat, reports China Daily quoting the Youth Times newspaper.

This kid has inspired me a lot! He has become my Chinese Idol…

Actual Source of info @ WeirdSpot


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Who says a man cannot be pregnant?

August 31, 2006 at 3:07 pm (Weird)

This is the story of a man living in the city of Nagpur, India, Bhagat said he’d felt self-conscious his whole life about his big belly. But one night in June 1999, his problem erupted into something much larger than cosmetic worry… he was expecting..

In his belly he carried another human being.. yes! it wasn’t “just” a fat belly it was a “9-month” fat belly. But it wasn’t his child that was born.. it was his twin brother, who had been stuck inside since the birth.

Read More @ ABC News

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Metal Animal Sculptures

August 29, 2006 at 11:55 am (Humor, Weird)

Edouard Martinet makes these amazing animal sculptures from scrap metal in junkyards. Its inspiring to see such good art made from junk.. now that’s recycling.

More @ Official Site

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Farmers hire strippers at funerals

August 27, 2006 at 8:40 am (Weird)

  Farmers in a small Jiangsu town host strippers at their funerals to attract larger crowds, China Central Television reported the unique custom on Monday.

The local people believe that the more people gathered at a funeral, the more luck it will bring to the family and offspring. So some families hire striptease troupes to attract more people, the report said.

Does it really work? Well the yare saying its going good for both the economy of farmers AND the strippers.. What’s next  – dancing poles on graves?

Don’t believe me read the details @ Shanghai Daily

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Indian Train service starting Monkey Business

August 18, 2006 at 11:23 am (Humor, Weird)

New Delhi metro has reported many cases of monkeys boarding trains and spooking passengers. In effort to keep monkeys off the trains, officials are going to hire fierce-looking primates, the Langur, to scare the other monkeys away. Langurwallahs, men who train langurs, will be paid 6900 rupees a month to begin immediate training.

More @ MSNBC

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iPod Jeans

August 17, 2006 at 5:04 pm (Hardware, Weird)

What is the craze about iPods? The iPod designer was honored by title of “Sir” by the Queen of Britain.. there are hundreds of accessories dedicated to this MP3 player. But I never got charmed by it, because there are so many MP3 players available which offer same or more at even lesser price! but what the heck, it became a status symbol among music listeners. And thus everyone wants to profit from the name by releasing products supporting the brand.

Levis new jeans caught up on the iPod fever, although there had been news of such a jeans under “construction”. But now some photos are here to prove their existence. The biggest difference is the big red strap type cable to connect your iPod too.. But I seriously doubt that it wont be hazardous to have such swinging cables around your legs.

Second change is enormous amount of pockets for keeping the iPod accessories. Pockets are always welcome thing for me, I like to keep my data cables, chargers, USB drives etc always at hand. Right now all that load is on my belt. I call it my Batman utility belt. To get back to the point.. the Levis iPod is just an excuse to cash in on the name, and doesn’t offer the cool features or design that could complement the iPod style.

See more photos @ Bright.nl

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Windows Vista – The soft drink

August 15, 2006 at 4:07 pm (PC, Weird)

I work in a “projects” based company, so there is no regular production and time after time new projects come, but some projects are so long that you even lose the motivation when work gets stuck in loops and the product just doesn’t seem to get out. Same seems to be the situation with Windows Vista. This Microsoft project seems to have stuck in pipeline.

To keep things fresh and keep up the motivation of the programmers, Gates and Co. has ordered a supply of Windows Vista beverages to compliment the plethora of other free refreshments available at the office. Decked out with the updated Windows logo and a URL to the company’s internal Vista site.

Well maybe the general public may never get to drink it, but I think idea is good for other Project based companies to follow. And for beverage makers to get license from Microsoft to release the “official” Microsoft drink. Geeks like me will drink it even though it wouldn’t taste as good as any other soda but at least I would be able to show-off that I am a techie-guy.

Read more @ NwSource

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Head-cut-dog stays alive

August 14, 2006 at 9:36 am (Science, Weird)

ZombieDogThis video is said to be from 1940s era of Russians scientist experimenting with a dog. They cut off his head and artificially kept his head alive. The dog moved his tongue etc well but couldn’t bark because of no lungs.

This is claimed not to be an artificial movie. I think it is said that BBC did the coverage of the story too. The procedures are attested to in numerous books and medical papers, with some sources providing detailed technical information on the operations shown in the film.

Watch 20 minutes of real horror @ YouTube

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Nerd Rapper

August 12, 2006 at 5:23 am (Humor, Internet, Weird)

Rap music is seriously not the dish for me. But this rap song I just had to admire. The singer calls himself MC Plus+ (I think he wants to be derivate of C++ or something). He has released a full album full of geeky rap songs.. especially “MySpace Pimpin”.

Freely download the Geek Rap Album @ MCplusplus

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Happiest nations in the world

August 12, 2006 at 5:15 am (Politics, Weird)

This site has a list of happiest nations in the world.. And as you might have expected U.S. or U.K. isn’t in the top 20. India falls somewhere near 125 and two of most-unhappy nations remain Congo and Zimbabwe.

So, who takes the first position.. find out for yourself @ Reseize

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